Rochester, NY

Box Upstate Lacrosse League

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3d Lacrosse is excited to provide an opportunity for players to participate in the most competitive high school box lacrosse league in Upstate New York. The league is officiated by experienced box lacrosse referees that will be able to keep the games moving while also providing a real box lacrosse experience. Our league is equipped with all the proper Goalie box pads and shot clocks keeping the games up-tempo and as true and authentic as the pro league (NLL). This is a great opportunity for players to develop box lacrosse skills and concepts that can translate to huge success for their high school spring seasons. The BULL league is in its 5th season and continues to be the leader in providing a high quality learning environment and competitive format for Upstate lacrosse families.

Fall Elite Training
NE Showcase

2025-2028 | Monday, June 10th, 2024

Fall Young Gunz
Select Box Lacrosse Team

2027, 2028, 2029, 2030/2031 | Saturday, December 9th

Monster Mash
Adventure Camps

2034-2028| August 5th-8th, 2024

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2023 Teams

2023 Schedule

Dec. 17th2:30 PMWhitePractice
Dec. 17th3:30 PMBlackGold
Dec. 17th4:30 PMNavyGreen
Dec. 17th5:30 PMRedGrey
Jan. 7th2:30 PMNavyGold
Jan. 7th3:30 PMRedWhite
Jan. 7th4:30 PMGreenPractice
Jan. 7th5:30 PMGreyBlack
Jan. 14th2:30 PMNavyWhite
Jan. 14th3:30 PMGreenBlack
Jan. 14th4:30 PMRedGold
Jan. 14th5:30 PMGreyPractice
Jan. 21st2:30 PMNavyPractice
Jan. 21st3:30 PMGreyWhite
Jan. 21st4:30 PMRedBlack
Jan. 21st5:30 PMGreenGold
Jan. 28th2:30 PMNavyBlack
Jan. 28th3:30 PMGreenWhite
Jan. 28th4:30 PMGreyGold
Jan. 28th5:30 PMRedPractice
Feb. 4th2:30 PMConsolationConsolation
Feb. 4th3:30 PMConsolationConsolation
Feb. 4th4:30 PMPlayoffPlayoff
Feb. 4th5:30 PMPlayoffPlayoff
Feb. 11th2:30 PMConsolationConsolation
Feb. 11th3:30 PMConsolationConsolation
Feb. 11th4:30 PMConsolationConsolation
Feb. 11th5:30 PMChampionship GameChampionship Game

2023 Standings