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Winter Box Lacrosse League

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Winter Box Lacrosse League is excited to provide an opportunity for players to participate in the most competitive high school box lacrosse league in the country. College and high school coaches with box lacrosse backgrounds will be running the training sessions, as well as coaching the teams during their games. We also have experienced box lacrosse referees that will be able to keep the games moving while also providing a real box lacrosse experience. Each team will have a 15-minute training session learning new box lacrosse concepts, followed by a 45-minute game against another team within the league. Each game is filmed with the option to add to your personal high light tape.  We also have statisticians keep stats so we can update weekly the league leaders in goals, assists, points, caused turnovers, groundballs, and saves.  This allows us to determine league MVPs for offense, defense, and goaltending.  We also have shot clocks keeping the games up-tempo and making the games as authentic as possible.  This is a great opportunity for players to develop box lacrosse skills and concepts that can translate to huge success for their high school spring seasons. 

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