CT Winter Box Lacrosse League

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3d Lacrosse is excited to provide the most competitive and thrilling high school box lacrosse league in Connecticut. Its a chance for the players to experience the benefits and fun that the game has to offer with a real box lacrosse experience.  The Connecticut Winter Box Lacrosse League (CTWBLL) is back for its eighth season in 2023! Starting up on January 8th through February 25th, the CTWBLL is equipped with all proper goalie box pads and shot clocks in a box rink. All players receive custom team colored jerseys.  We are excited to continue to be a leader in providing a quality learning environment to enjoy the advantages of what box lacrosse has to offer. This is a great opportunity for players to develop skills and concepts that can translate to future success in the upcoming high school spring season.

Fall Elite Training
NE Showcase

2025-2028 | Monday, June 10th, 2024

Fall Young Gunz
Select Box Lacrosse Team

2027, 2028, 2029, 2030/2031 | Saturday, December 9th

Monster Mash
Adventure Camps

2034-2028| August 5th-8th, 2024

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2023 Teams

2023 Schedule

DateAway TeamHome TeamTime/ Result
1/8DeerfieldWestminster19-4 Deerfield Win
1/8Glastonbury/Free AgentPomfret16-7 Pomfret Win
1/8Loomis ChaffeeAvon Old Farms12-11 Loomis Chaffee Win
1/8HandXavier8-7 Xavier Win
1/22Loomis ChaffeeDeerfield14-9 Deerfield Win
1/22XavierPomfret14-3 Pomfret Win
1/22DeerfieldAvon Old Farms12-7 Deerfield Win
1/22WestminsterLoomis8-7 Loomis Win
1/22Avon Old FarmsWestminster12-7 Westminster
1/22Daniel HandGlastonbury/Free Agents14 - 4 GHSFA win
1/29Loomis ChaffeeWestminster13 - 9 Loomis Win
1/29Glastonbury/Free AgentXavier18-4 Glastonbury Win
1/29Avon Old FarmsDeerfield15-11 Deerfield Win
1/29HandPomfret15-5 Pomfret Win
1/29HandGlastonbury/Free Agents15-6 Glastonbury Win
1/29XavierPomfret24 -3 Pomfret Win
2/5GlastonburyHouse TeamN/A
2/5Daniel HandXavier15 - 11 Xavier Win
2/12WestminsterDeerfield14 - 4 Deerfield Win
2/12PomfretWestminster14 - 5 Pomfret Win
2/12XavierDaniel Hand24 - 8 Daniel Hand Win
2/12Avon Old FarmsLoomis Chaffee10 - 8 Loomis Win
2/12GlastonburyPomfret21 - 8 Pomfret Win
2/19Loomis ChaffeeDeerfield16 - 10 Loomis Win
2/19XavierPomfret26 - 5 Pomfret Win
2/19Avon Old FarmsDeerfield10 - 9 AOF Win
2/19Loomis ChaffeeWestminsterN/A
2/19Avon Old FarmsGlastonbury/Hand21 - 7 AOF Win
2/26Loomis ChaffeeWestminster16 - 13 Loomis Win
2/26GlastonburyXavier12 - 7 Glastonbury Win
2/26DeerfieldAvon Old Farms12 - 10 Deerfield Win
2/26PomfretDaniel Hand16 - 7 Pomfret Win
2/26Loomis ChaffeeDeerfield10 - 6 Loomis Win
2/26GlastonburyPomfret20 - 2 Pomfret Win


2023 Standings

Group 1RecordGroup 2Record
Deerfield6 - 3Pomfret8 - 0
Loomis6 - 2Glastonbury4 - 3- 1
Westminster3 - 4Xavier2-6
Avon Old Farms2 - 6Hand1-6-1