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Colorado Box Lacrosse League


The Colorado Box Lacrosse League (CBLL) is a winter season indoor league that hosts youth and high school level competition throughout the front range of Colorado. Going into the sixth year, the CBLL is known as the most consistent and competitive box league for club and high school programs to compete in throughout the state of Colorado. Prioritizing player safety, led by experienced referees and competent coaches, the CBLL is slated to continue growing in popularity over the coming years. The league runs seven weeks long with six weeks featuring pool play and a seventh week featuring playoffs. This year we are proud to feature over 12 programs in the CBLL. Amongst many benefits, the CBLL continues to serve as an effective way for high schools and youth teams to further build their team chemistry through high level competition and accelerate player’s skill development with the natural tendency of high tempo play due to the box environment. The league has proven to offer an advantage to programs heading into their spring season. We welcome you to join us!

3D NE Showcase

2024-2027 | June 12, 2023

2023 Adventure Camp

2034-2027 | August 7-10, 2023

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2023 Champs

JV Champions

Colorado Academy

Varsity Champions

Regis Jesuit

2023 Varsity Teams

2023 Varsity Schedule

Jan. 12Ralston Valley vs Rock Canyon5:00 PMTurfRalston Valley4-3
Jan. 12Arapahoe vs Golden6:00 PMTurfArapahoe11-1
Jan. 12Colorado Academy vs Conifer6:00 PMSport CourtColorado Academy5-1
Jan. 12Kent vs Regis7:00 PMTurfRegis Jesuit6-2
Jan. 12Kent vs Dakota Ridge8:00 PMTurfKent Denver10-5
Jan. 19Kent vs Arapahoe5:00 PMTurfKent Denver8-5
Jan. 19Conifer vs Rock Canyon6:00 PMTurfRock Canyon12-0
Jan. 19Golden vs Ralston Valley6:00 PMSport CourtGolden5-4
Jan. 19Regis vs Dakota Ridge7:00 PMTurfRegis Jesuit13-0
Jan. 19Regis vs Colorado Academy8:00 PMTurfColorado Academy5-2
Jan 26Dakota Ridge vs Colorado Academy5:00 PMTurfColorado Academy11-2
Jan 26Dakota Ridge vs Ralston Valley6:00 PMTurfDakota Ridge7-3
Jan 26Kent Denver vs Conifer6:00 PMSport CourtKent Denver15-5
Jan 26Rock Canyon vs Golden7:00 PMTurfGolden6-5
Jan 26Regis Jesuit vs Arapahoe8:00 PMTurfRegis Jesuit7-2
Feb. 2Colorado Academy vs Arapahoe5:00 PMTurfColorado Academy8-4
Feb. 2Colorado Academy vs Ralston Valley6:00 PMTurfColorado Academy10-0
Feb. 2Kent Denver vs Rock Canyon6:00 PMSport CourtRock Canyon11-10
Feb. 2Dakota Ridge vs Golden7:00 PMTurfGolden8-7
Feb. 2Regis Jesuit vs Conifer8:00 PMTurfRegis Jesuit7-5
Feb. 9Ralston Valley vs Arapahoe5:00 PMTurfArapahoe8-7
Feb. 9Ralston Valley vs Conifer6:00 PMTurfRalston Valley7-4
Feb. 9Regis Jesuit vs Golden6:00 PMSport CourtRegis Jesuit11-7
Feb. 9Kent Denver vs Colorado Academy7:00 PMTurfColorado Academy12-6
Feb. 9Dakota Ridge vs Rock Canyon8:00 PMTurfRock Canyon12-3
Feb. 16Arapahoe vs Dakota Ridge5:00 PMTurfArapahoe10-8
Feb. 16Arapahoe vs Conifer6:00 PMTurfArapahoe9-7
Feb. 16Golden vs Colorado Academy6:00 PMSport CourtColorado Academy11-0
Feb. 16Ralston Valley vs Kent Denver7:00 PMTurfKent Denver12-4
Feb. 16Regis Jesuit vs Rock Canyon8:00 PMTurfRegis Jesuit9-7
Feb. 23--5:00 PMTurf----
Feb. 23Ralston Valley (7) vs Conifer (8)6:00 PMTurfConifer8-7
Feb. 23Golden (5) vs Rock Canyon (6)6:00 PMSport CourtRock Canyon9-2
Feb. 23Kent Denver (3) vs Arapahoe (4)7:00 PMTurfKent Denver10-9
Feb. 23Colorado Academy (1) vs Regis Jesuit (2)8:00 PMTurfRegis Jesuit4-3

2023 JV Teams

2023 JV Schedule

Jan. 9Colorado Academy vs Regis Jesuit8:30 PMTurfColorado Academy11-3
Jan. 12Dakota Ridge vs Arapahoe5:00 PMSport CourtArapahoe12-0
Jan. 16Dakota Ridge vs Regis Jesuit8:30 PMTurfRegis Jesuit11-3
Jan 19Colorado Academy vs Arapahoe5:00 PMSport CourtArapahoe12-4
Jan. 23Arapahoe vs Regis Jesuit8:30 PMTurfArapahoe8-4
Jan, 26Dakota Ridge vs Colorado Academy5:00 PMSport CourtColorado Academy12-2
Jan. 30Colorado Academy vs Regis Jesuit8:30 PMTurfColorado Academy12-4
Feb. 2Dakota Ridge vs Arapahoe5:00 PMSport CourtArapahoe7-2
Feb. 6Dakota Ridge vs Regis Jesuit8:30 PMTurfRegis Jesuit9-7
Feb. 9Colorado Academy vs Arapahoe5:00 PMSport CourtArapahoe9-8
Feb. 13Arapahoe vs Regis Jesuit8:30 PMTurfArapahoe12-6
Feb, 16Dakota Ridge vs Colorado Academy5:00 PMSport CourtColorado Academy15-2
Feb. 20Regis Jesuit vs Dakota Ridge8:30 PMTurfRegis Jesuit12-7
Feb. 23Colorado Academy vs Arapahoe5:00 PMSport CourtColorado Academy8-7

2023 Rankings